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Horizontal Directional drilling HDD parts

The quality is our priority

Vermeer D24 parts:

Vermeer D24 parts are produced using European made steels and carbide inserts.

Some of the common spare parts are the following:


Steering plate D24 sand bit 115mm

Steering plate D24 with 20mm teeth 115mm

Steering plate D24 steep taper tuff 115mm

Steering plate D24 tuff bit 115mm

Saver sub D24/40 S1 #600 body 180mm
Saver sub D24/40 S2 #600 body 240mm

Starter rod D24 #600 - 2,125 LPT

Starter rod D24#600 - QF#400

Starter rod D24 #600 - QF#460

Drive chuck D24  #600 

Beacon housing 2 3/8 REG box (OD 80mm) D20 DCI

Trihawk housing 2 3/8 REG box - box (OD 80mm) DCI

Trihawk head I 2 3/8R pin
Trihawk head II D20 2 3/8R pin
Trihawk head V 2 3/8R pin
Trihawk head 2 3/8R replacement cutter








- Very fast delivery

- Better price than competitors can offer

- Tough abrasive resistant tungsten carbide materials used

- Made from HARDOX steel (not from weak cast steel or structural steel, which dominates the market today).

- The parts are fully tested in heavy duty applications.


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