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Horizontal Directional drilling HDD parts

The quality is our priority

Ditch Witch Directional Drill: Precision Meets Performance

In the dynamic world of drilling, the Ditch Witch directional drill stands as a testament to innovation, durability, and unparalleled functionality. Dive deep into the realm of advanced drilling solutions brought to you by Directional Drilling Store.

A Legacy of Drilling Excellence

The Ditch Witch brand represents an enduring commitment to quality and innovation in the horizontal directional drill sector. Our range amplifies this commitment, offering a multitude of drilling solutions tailored for diverse terrains and projects.

Discover the Ditch Witch Range

  • JT2020: A symbol of versatility and power, the Ditch Witch JT2020 offers seamless operations even in challenging terrains, making it a favorite among professionals.

  • JT3020 Series: Whether it's the adaptability of the Ditch Witch JT3020 all terrain or the nuanced power of the Ditch Witch JT3020 Mach 1, this series stands out for its adaptability and reliability.

  • JT20 & JT4020: From the compact prowess of the JT20 Ditch Witch to the robust performance of the Ditch Witch JT4020, experience a world where precision meets power.

More than Just Ditch Witch

At Directional Drilling Store:

  • Comprehensive Drilling Components: Beyond Ditch Witch, we offer a diverse array of drilling parts, including sharp drag bits suitable for various applications.

  • The Vermeer Advantage: Enhance your drilling endeavors with Vermeer parts or explore the prowess of the Vermeer directional drill, including top models like Vermeer d24x40 and Vermeer d36x50. Our Vermeer replacement parts ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition.

Dive Deeper with Us

Explore a world where drilling efficiency meets unmatched quality. For an in-depth look into our Ditch Witch directional drill range, detailed specifications, and how they can redefine your drilling projects, visit

Elevate your drilling experience with the unmatched expertise of Ditch Witch. Dive deep, drill smart, and discover the best, exclusively at Directional Drilling Store.





- Very fast delivery

- Better price than competitors can offer

- Tough abrasive resistant tungsten carbide materials used

- Made from HARDOX steel (not from weak cast steel or structural steel, which dominates the market today).

- The parts are fully tested in heavy duty applications.


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