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Our engineers conducted very extensive research, including heavy duty testing, for purpose to obtain highest drilling penetration speed and lowest drill bit wearing solution. 







End user's benefits:
• Saving drilling operation costs by tripple advantage: fast drilling + extremely low wearing of the drill bits + really low price.
• Saving time of drilling due to the shorter duration of the drilling job.
• Saving fuel by doing much more efficient drilling in shorter period of time, spending less money for the gas and diesel.
• Very reliable tungsten carbide teeth fixation with minimal teeth loses during drilling jobs











The higher impact and abrasion resistance than of any drag, chevron or tri-cone bits available in the market







Technical features:

Tungsten carbide teeth are tightly pressed into the easily weldable cylindrical holder to ensure the impact resistance performance during continuous drilling processes.

Carbide teeth and holder are calculated to wear together in order to optimally combine the teeth wearing with the weldment toughness.

The weldment is very durable in order to withstant highest possible stresses during drilling. That's why the drill bits can be reused many times. Comparing, the step or chevron bits do not contain the carbide holder, that's why the carbide tips are broken more easily during heavy duty jobs.

Carbide holder allows to withstand instant impacts, if boulders are met beneath.







Wing sides are welded with the special hi-tungsten hardening electrodes to withstand friction forces, appearing during the penetration of the drill bits to the geological layers.

That helps to maintain the same diameter of the drill bits, reusing them in further drillings.

Interclaw space is also hardened to 52 HRC for purpose to withstand friction forces.











Claws are specially tilted to the direction of the rotation in order to ensure the agresive behavior of the drill bit. The angle of the tilt was at the constant reasearch and recently we achieved the most optimal results during the various stratum drilling.















In the well failure conditions, when the upper side of the drill bit is covered by soil with rock parts or boulders, claws, welded to the upper side of the drill bits reliably proved themselves to be very beneficial by displacing obstacles from its way.














The wings are made of the high strength and at the same time excellent weldability hot rolled steel, made according to the patented technology. To have both properties is necessary for the reasons to fix strongly the carbide holders and to be resistant to  friction made by the particles, which are splitted from the layers.










During rotation the tip ensures the fast destruction of the drilling well center, which promotes the faster penetration into the ground.






Some common drill bit size and thread options:

Thread API REG             Bit diameter (inches)

2 3/8 or 2 7/8                        ø5"

3 1/2                                       ø5"

2 3/8 or 2 7/8                        ø5 5/8"

3 1/2                                       ø5 5/8"

2 3/8 or 2 7/8                        ø6"

3 1/2                                       ø6"


2 3/8 or 2 7/8                        ø6 1/3"

3 1/2                                       ø6 1/3"

2 3/8 or 2 7/8                        ø6 2/3"

3 1/2                                       ø6 2/3"

2 3/8 or 2 7/8                        ø7"

3 1/2                                       ø7"

4 1/2                                       ø7 1/2"

4 1/2                                       ø7 5/6"

4 1/2                                       ø8 2/3"

4 1/2                                       ø11 5/6"

4 1/2                                       ø12 1/2"

Any custom sizes and threads can be produced.






All threads are made by the CNC machine with the high accuracy.















We can adobt the any kind of connections for any specific drilling jobs. We can cooperate with your engineers to fit to your required application completely free of charge.










Where science and practice meet... 


We produce the fastest penetrating MULTI-CLAW drill bits in the market for soft and medium consolidated formations (such as clay, gravel, sand or a mix of them) for very fast vertical (water, geothermal or survey) well drilling jobs. It has shown to be very successful in the US and European drilling grounds.




- Very fast drilling.
- Tough abrasive resistant tungsten carbide teeth.
- Made from wear resistant, perfectly weldable, high strength, hot rolled, alloyed steel  (not from weak cast steel or structural steel, which dominates the market today).
- The design is fully tested in heavy duty applications.


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