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Efficiency diagram

Based on the drilling field testing results

Longer lasting performance

Pictures of the drill bits after heavy duty applications


Welcome to GEO Institutas website! Our high tech engineering company are dealing with abrasion and impact resistant materials for various sort of industries, including high penetration rate drill bits, wood and recycling chipper blades (, high abrasion resistance centrifugal mud pumps (, welded drilling pipes with restored microcrystalization,  and other material and process developments.

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We produce the fastest penetrating MULTI-CLAW drill bits in the market for soft and medium consolidated formations (such as clay, gravel, sand or a mix of them) for very fast vertical (water, geothermal or survey) well drilling jobs. It has shown to be very successful in the US and European drilling grounds.




- Very fast drilling.
- Tough abrasive resistant tungsten carbide teeth.
- Made from wear resistant, perfectly weldable, high strength, hot rolled, alloyed steel  (not from weak cast steel or structural steel, which dominates the market today).
- The design is fully tested in heavy duty applications.